girl baking

When I was a little girl
in Alabama …yummy cake

my great aunts baked a cake nearly every day. They always saved some batter to make a little cake for me. Once Aunt Ruth found an old wood cheese box with three compartments. She lined it with an old grocery sack and poured in the extra batter for my little cake, three cakes this time. They were almost too beautiful to eat!

cloverleafYears later I found a piece of that old box and looked for a replacement. I found the same Cloverleaf cheese box. yummy cakeWhen I baked in it, my cake was as beautiful as the ones I remembered. I started baking in any wood box I could find.

Friends loved the boxes and asked me where to get their own. So Lucinda’s Wood Cake Boxes was born. I hope you love baking in them as much as I do.